This week, I began the board meeting by asking board members where they have seen God at work in the life of our church since January. It was refreshing to hear some of their responses. They shared about cards sent from Women’s Guild to their teenagers. Some shared about worship during Holy Week (Cantata, Maundy Thursday, and Easter). Some shared about the hospitality workshop.

For those of us (or you) who have been around the church for several years, it is easy to just go about our business: go to worship, show up to committee meetings, turn in reports, attend choir rehearsal, etc. It’s easy to allow the real reason for our gathering and the real purpose for our faith to get lost in the busyness of “doing church.”

I thought it would be a fun idea to invite some of you to share (by responding to this email) about how you have seen God at work in the last few months in our church. What has moved you? What has stirred your spirit/heart? What has given you goosebumps or brought you to tears? What has caused you to smile ear to ear? Where have you noticed the mysterious work of the divine within the life of our church?

If you are open to it, I’d love to hear from you. Later, I’ll simply share the list of responses in another week’s Spire (names can be optional).

To share your response, shoot me an email at