The Trustees and the Church Board approved a project to restore and make changes to the area that was damaged this summer. This project will make changes to permit significantly more use of this approximately 1300 square foot area. The area that is the Toddler/Nursery area on Sundays will be changed so it can be used as two meeting rooms during the week. Each of the rooms will be equipped with a Media Center which consists a large flat screen with ports for computer or DVD connection. The Library project that was approved and schedule for completion in 2021 will also be done. This room will become a Library and a conference room equipped with a conference table that can seat 10-12 people. It will also be equipped with a Media Center. Two chairs and a table will provide a seating area for someone wants to go in and use the library or a mom with a restless baby during church services. The kitchen and the area in front of the kitchen will become a café which can be used for after church service coffee, memorial service luncheons, etc. The small kitchen will be opened up into this area. The area will be equipped with a Media Center. This area and the Media Center will serve as our church service overflow area using the media screen. Café Tables and chairs will be provided for use. See the print project below. This print will also be posted in the Great Hall.

This project will provide us four areas that can be used during the week for various functions all going on at the same time; all on the same level and not be restricted because certain folks can’t use the stairs. Fellowship Hall and Hanson Hall are used much of the time during the week by outside groups such as AA and Scouts and this can continue. The Trustees believe the project makes efficient use of this area of the church and accomplishes much of what we were trying to accomplish when looking into the possibility of an elevator which would be extremely more costly. The cost of this project is $140,000 of which up to $85,000 will come from the Endowment Fund and the remainder will be covered by the insurance settlement for the damage and the designated reserve set aside for the Library project. Unfortunately, as a sign of the times, the work on this project will begin in March with a goal for completion by the end of May.

The Trustees thank so many who gave input into this project and especially to Ruth Tuttle, Matt Sprague and Bob Messner for their direct involvement.

Download the Blueprints