This past Sunday, I preached about the spiritual wall we encounter at times in our faith. It happens to all of us…more than once. Something terrible happens that causes us to ask questions about who we are and how we are. Or, we find ourselves in a place where the faith we had isn’t working like it used to, causing us to ask questions about God. This is all part of the normal journey.

I have been at the wall more times than I’d like to admit. I even think that much of my time spent serving with you and among you at The Church in Aurora has been a journey through the wall – hopefully heading toward transformation.

In my own journey on the “Trail of Transformation,” I have come to appreciate the work of other faithful Christ followers. Below is a list of resources I have used for my own faith development:

Barbara Brown-Taylor, Leaving Church
Ruth Haley-Barton, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership
Richard Rohr, Hope Against Darkness
Janet Hagberg “A Dialogue with the Wall” (a 3-part PDF file)
Janet Hagberg, The Critical Journey

I’d love to hear more about your faith journey – not just the walls or the “dark nights of the soul,” but of the mountain-top experiences, too. Throughout your life of faith, how have you grown in your understanding and love of God? Shoot me an email and share your story with me!

Friends, know that we are here for you and will journey with you as you navigate your own faith development…no matter where you are on the path. Rev. Horak and I would love to help you take the next right step in your faith.

Pastor Derek

Listen to the August 7, 2022 Worship at TCIA as Pastor Derek preached about the spiritual wall.