The Caring Tree—a Church in Aurora Tradition (with two ways to participate in one beautiful act of love!)

The Caring Tree once again will grace Fellowship Hall donned with opportunities to share the Joy of Christmas. Additionally, a second method—signing up directly on line—will be available this year as well.

Sign up on Sundays, November 28 and December 5 in Fellowship Hall.Simply choose one (or more!) paper ornament from the tree and have it recorded by a member of the Missions Committee at a nearby table.

The process is completely confidential.  Information on the ornament will include gender, age and some gift ideas and clothing size.  You may choose to purchase any or all of the ideas, but please stay within the suggested total expenditure range of $50—$75 for each recipient.

Please do NOT wrap gifts!  They can be placed in a gift bag with the paper ornament securely fastened to the bag.  Bags should be dropped off in Fellowship Hall no later than noon on December 12.

Alternatively, if you would like to sign up on line, simply click on the link provided and follow the directions.

Caring Tree—Caring Congregation.  Thank you for making Christmas memorable for so many!

Click here to sign up!