Work continued over the second quarter of 2022 to implement our Strategic Plan, including the kickoff of the Governance and Staffing Task Force. Click here to view a more detailed status report, including a peek at what’s coming.

In June, the Board discussed “open questions” intended to advance ongoing strategic planning and development. These questions, which can’t be answered with a yes or no, are designed to allow the Board, staff and congregation to reflect on the future, both from a ministry perspective and to ways of interacting that don’t work well anymore. Board and staff members were encouraged to spend the summer investigating these among their committees and in their network of fellow members and friends.

The 2022 Open Questions are:

  • What do the already implemented strategies need to be sustainable?
  • If you had to pick just one, what strategy would you implement next?
  • What new strategies should we add?
  • What ministry opportunities have we been overlooking?
  • What is changing outside the walls of our church that might reveal new ministry opportunities?
  • What ways of working among the Board or committees are no longer effective?
  • What ways of interacting between lay leaders and other TCIA members are no longer effective?