The Church in Aurora offers many ways to REACH OUT to community. We encourage and invite you to show God’s love by doing acts of kindness for anyone and everyone without asking or accepting anything in return.

Our church is pleased to welcome first time visitors to our worship services.

At The Church in Aurora, we are one of the many diverse churches that welcome everyone from all walks of life.


All are welcome to our traditional worship service at 10am Sunday morning. God speaks to us through Bible readings, preaching and music. The congregation responds in prayer and praise.


The sacrament of Baptism as practiced here at The Church in Aurora, might best be described as a public initiation rite into the Christian faith for the infant, youth or adult being baptized. The mode of baptism (i.e. sprinkling, pouring immersion)  is open to discussion, and can be done during a worship service or privately. Because of the corporate nature of baptism and the charge asked of the congregation to help nurture those baptized in the Christian faith, we are unable to perform baptisms for those who are not affiliated in some way with a Christian church.


The sacrament of Communion a.k.a. the Eucharist, the Lord’s or Last Supper, is traditionally celebrated during worship on the first Sunday of the month and on other special occasions.  This religious rite is open to all who sincerely desire to participate.   


We welcome couples (members & nonmembers) who are sincerely seeking God’s blessing on their relationship and wish their wedding to be in keeping with the faith and practice of this church.   It is our desire to help you celebrate a sacred moment in your lives, and to create a fond and lasting memory to cherish.


The remembering of a loved one’s passing can be a somber time, but also a time of celebration.  Whether a full worship service or a simple graveside—or something in between, The Church in Aurora helps to coordinate all facets of the funeral service which seeks to preserve the sanctity of worship and celebrate the gift of life witnessing to the resurrection of the loved one.  


We hope you will join us in person or click here to join us online.