Strategic Plan

In 2021, The Church in Aurora completed a strategic planning process to help focus the energy, time, and talents of our members on identifying the opportunities God has for us over the next few years.

Our Strategic Plan includes our near term Purpose, or God’s call for us, and Goals to achieve this Purpose. 

Strategies are underway and planned to meet our Goals, providing ample opportunity for all to participate in the life of our church and community.


Invite all people to experience the love of Christ through engaging worship and education, participation in impactful outreach, and the growth of relationships inside and outside the walls of our church


  • Provide meaningful and relevant worship, education, and spiritual growth/discipleship opportunities for various phases of life
  • Increase impact in the community through outreach, sharing of our facilities, and effective communication of who we are and what we do
  • Build relationships between people and engage them with faith-building social and service opportunities
  • Develop and maintain the resources needed to accomplish our purpose in ministry
The Church in Aurora Strategic Plan

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