September 25, 6p-7:30p, Library

Topic for this session: PRAYER

This is an opportunity to really listen to another person’s point of view without judgment, challenging, or criticism.

A volunteer begins the session with a statement on the designated topic from his or her own experience. Each participant takes a turn. We trust each other to be bold enough to share our perspective as clearly as possible, trusting that others will listen attentively and respectfully, accepting what is spoken as one way to look at the topic. Those who have another point of view are encouraged to share in the same spirit.Whether or not anyone changes his or her perspective is entirely up to the person and the Spirit. The whole purpose is to acknowledge that there is more than one way to examine any subject and have the experience of listening deeply as others speak. 

Try it, it’s fun. This session is limited to 8 participants and will be facilitated by Daryl Koning.

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