A FRIENDSHIP LIKE NO OTHER – Experiencing God’s Amazing Embrace by William A. Barry, SJ

A FRIENDSHIP LIKE NO OTHER – Experiencing God’s Amazing Embrace

William A. Barry, SJ

Led by Reed Fuller

When:  Sundays, 11am-12:30pm, April 24-June 12

Where:  Harris Study

Live in the love of a God who desires a relationship with you. Throughout A Friendship Like No Other, renowned spiritual director William A. Barry, SJ, explores the premise that God wants to relate to us as a close friend. Barry has contemplated this idea throughout his lifetime, and he explains that it actually traces back to the “developing revelation of God contained in the Bible.”

A Friendship Like No Other offers three well-supported and practical sections: prayerful exercises to help lead you to the conviction that God wants your friendship; a close look at objections to this idea; and reflections on experiencing the presence of God and discerning those experiences. Brief, personal meditations are woven throughout.

Grounded in biblical tradition and with a clear focus on Ignatian spirituality, this book offers a fresh, heart-changing approach to living joyfully in the freedom of the divine embrace.