On Sunday, representatives from charities our church supports shared their awe-inspiring missions and visions during worship service and afterwards in the Great Hall.

Guest speakers familiarized us with the work of City Mission, Scranton Road Ministries, Our Community Hunger Center, and the Fuller Center of Portage County. Following the service an expo in the Great Hall also included Haven of Rest Ministries, Friends of Recovery, New Directions and Coleman Health Services.

Because we are a tithing church, we have been able to establish partnerships with organizations locally, nationally, and even internationally.  Sunday’s gathering confirmed, as Reverend Horak stated, “our money is where our heart is.”

Interested in volunteering or getting more information? Here are the web addresses of Sunday’s participants:

Friends of Recovery — friendsofrecoveryneo.com
City Mission — thecitymission.org
Haven of Rest Ministries — havenofrest.org
The Fuller Center of Portage County — fcportage.org
New Directions — newdirections.com
Our Community Hunger Center — ochc-food.org
Coleman Health Services — colemanhealthservices.org
Scranton Road Ministries — scrantonroadministries.org

As always, if there is an organization you would like to support, contact any member of the Missions Committee and we will be happy to research it.

In our October meeting, the Missions Committee set aside monies for those affected by the devastation left by Hurricane Ian and also invited our membership to join the effort.  The final total will be determined soon, and we are grateful that, as of this writing, we will be able to support the Florida Disaster Fund with at least $5,000. One hundred percent from this fund goes to those in need.  Thank you for your generosity!

For more information on where our Missions dollars go, click below!

How Did We Help?

Listen to the October 30, 2022 Worship service below.