Some questions answered about The Church in Aurora

At The Church in Aurora, we are one of the many diverse churches that welcome everyone from all walks of life.

Members:  Our church has approximately 660 adult members. Members and regular attenders are greeted each week at the door and assisted into church if help is needed. They are given a bulletin from a deacon and then can sit in their preferred seat. This group receives a church newsletter every Wednesday called “The Spire.” In addition, they receive a worship email from Pastor Derek on Sundays.

First Time Guest:  Our church is pleased to welcome first time Guests to our worship services. They are given a gift bag that contains information about our church as well as some “church merchandise.” We like to collect contact information from our Guests so that we can follow up with them after their visit. We make every attempt to make sure our Guests feel welcomed and interested to come again for a future service.  

Discover TCIA:  This two-hour program is offered 2-3 times per year to allow interested people to learn more about our church in a conversational manner. Both pastors attend to allow the participants to ask questions about our theology, our worship, our history and our programming for all ages. Current members also attend to share their experiences with TCIA and to answer questions from their perspective.  This event usually ends with a complete tour of our unique, historical building.  

Membership Request—People who are interested in requesting membership, can download the Membership Request form HERE. The form can also be picked up at the church from the office or one of the pastors. The front page requests identifying information about the future member and the back explains the Membership Covenant that our church testifies to with its members. Completed membership request forms can be returned to the office or one of the pastors. 

Induction of New Members—New Member Sundays are held 2-3 times per year. People who have requested membership are contacted and informed about the process for induction. On the day of their induction, they are introduced to their host person who will assist them as they become assimilated into the church. There is a ceremony in front of the congregation with the pastors. Each new member is provided a gift that will help him or her embark on his or her faith journey with our church. 


We hope you will join us in person or click here to join us online.