A few weeks ago, I asked for your feedback about where you have seen God at work in our church recently. Many of you sent in your responses, and I am grateful for the ways you have seen God’s presence working in and through our church. With the number of challenges we have faced the last couple of years, it is important to know that God is still active and moving and doing new things.

Take some time to read your responses. And, keep paying attention to ways God is active in our little community of faith.

Note: I have done little-to-no editing. I’ve left most responses the way I received them.

I have seen it in Pastor Kevin and Kathleen.  Just the welcoming smile and asking about us and truly listening.  They make you feel cared about.  It lifts you up.  They make you feel seen and heard.  They are a great team!
Jenna’s small group. I reflect on the enneagram book readings and conversations often. They were almost as meaningful as the company I enjoyed with the ladies in the study every week. I’d love another session for sure!
– the generous owners of Evexia who donate their excess bread to the community relief food distribution program

– Cub Scout families were able to pivot to enjoy the church space for dinner and a movie night after their campout plans were canceled due to weather. 

– hospitality training was very rewarding and made me feel invigorated to make as many people as possible feel comfortable at TCIA. 

– being nominated and elected to be an Elder. I’m grateful for a church that builds a table large enough for all to enjoy. 
OVERHEARD to Pastor Derek: You must be doing something right. At my former church, when I left on Easter Sunday, I would say “see you at Christmas!” 

Eight people attended the Discover TCIA event in March to ask their questions about TCIA. Several of them have now become members.

The Hospitality Training held in April was attended by twenty people from our church who wanted to learn more about making our church more welcoming. Pastor Derek was the leader, and he shared much of his research and understanding about what makes a church attract visitors and how to make a good impression on those visitors. As a result, we are working together to improve our hospitality and turn our visitors into returning guests.
When I hear about all the ways our church is reaching out to the community, I see God at work. The weekly food distributions, the community relief efforts, the service project Sundays – they are all ways that God is working at TICA.
I proposed to my Circle 3-H that we help The Haven in Ravenna as they open their doors as a homeless shelter for the first time and the members agreed to this mission right away. At our last meeting, I was able to collect several items on the list that the administrator of The Haven suggested to me. The members of my Circle really made me smile with their generosity! We will continue to support this mission as it will be ongoing.
God is certainly working through Lance as he inspires so many young people to willingly and happily share their talents at church and in the community. The smiling young people greeting us at the door and cheerfully sending us on our way–  priceless. They so confidently read, prayed, and shared thoughts and talents during the Youth Sunday service. Thank you, Lance, for all that you do.
I was overwhelmed by the reaction that the Hallelujah Chorus received on Easter morning. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Also I enjoyed seeing the little girls in their pretty pink Easter dresses. It made me feel that some things we take for granted are still present in our lives. God is good.
I have been encouraged to see the number of people involved in small groups at our church, when they’ve been offered. It’s great to see so many folks engaged in the work of spiritual growth.
Seeing the number of younger lay leaders involved on committees and ministry teams.
My kid(s) were excited to receive cards from the Women’s Guild over Easter.
I experienced God at work throughout the last couple weeks of Lent: the Palm Sunday Cantata, the Maundy Thursday Service, and Easter Sunday services.
I’ve seen God at work in the number of young families present in our worship services recently.