We learned this past Sunday that in order to move forward in our spiritual lives, we have to go back to those places and people in our lives where pain was caused. And, if we wanted to move toward health and wholeness (spiritual transformation), we need to begin the process of forgiveness. I suggested that this process of forgiveness begins with vulnerability: being honest with who we are and how we are.

The following are some reflective questions for you as you consider the work of forgiveness:

  • What pain have you experienced?
  • Who caused it?
  • How does it still creep up within you? What triggers your pain to bubble up from below the surface?
  • How have you dealt with it until now?
  • Do you think you are ready to forgive? If so, what do you think you should do next? If not, would you be willing to take a step toward being able to forgive?
  • How might God use your pain to make an impact in the lives of others (now or in the future)?

If you’re looking for some resources on forgiveness, I recommend the following:

Forgiveness is tricky work, and it is very difficult.

If you find yourself struggling to forgive, but desiring to do so, please know that we are here for you. Rev. Horak or I would be willing to sit with you, hear your story, pray with you, and offer some “next steps” that might help you along the journey.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Derek

Below is the July 31, 2022 Worship Service at The Church in Aurora on Forgiveness