MAY 7 AND MAY 14  

One thing that most pantries across America have in common is that inflation is making the task of feeding families even harder than during the depth of the pandemic. Many families that were barely earning enough to cover their food expenses for the past 2 years are now facing an even greater problem. Inflation has made suppling food for your children or loved ones nearly impossible.

Pantries are the lifeline for these families. If pantries can’t increase their food supply, then families suffer—it is just that simple.

Please become the difference for families in your community. Give generously this May 14th when the Fill a Bag, Feed a Family food drive stops by your home to collect food.

If you want to make an even greater difference – volunteer just 2 hours on May 14th.

We need almost 300 volunteers to make this drive successful. The work is easy and quick, the results will be long lasting and long remembered.

Go to to register. Invite friends to help. Many hands are needed.

Register to Help Fill-A-Bag