Christian Education

Christian Education programs at The Church in Aurora serve to teach, affirm and inspire the teachings of Christian faith, including lessons from the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ.


We provide gentle, loving care for infants and toddlers (through age 2). Our nursery is staffed with two, trained volunteers from our congregation, so you can trust your little ones are in safe, caring arms.


Ages 3-4 are dedicated to instructing our youngest friends about the Bible in an effective, yet gentle manner. Our dedicated staff of teachers help our children learn about Jesus in a way that is fun, engaging, and age-appropriate.


Promiseland is a multi-dimensional approach to learning for our Kindergarten-5th graders. This rotation-based program uses multiple learning styles to teach the Bible in workshops such as drama and puppets, movement games, art and cooking. Murals adorn the walls in all of these classrooms to create an incredible, experiential learning environment.

All of our volunteers complete ongoing background checks.
Christian Education at The Church in Aurora

We hope you will join us in person or click here to join us online.

All our early childhood and children’s ministry programs are located on the second floor (Promiseland). When you come for worship, volunteers will greet you and assist you in finding your child’s class and checking them in. Once worship is over, you will meet your child in his/her classroom to check them out. We hope you’ll join us for Coffee Hour in the Great Hall following worship. For questions about children’s ministry, please contact Pat Singelyn at