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33rd Nutcracker Sweets Fine Arts & Crafts Show

October 17th and 18th, 2014


Crafters: for more Information please click on appropriate info to right.  Application Details Rules and Regulations

  October 17th and 18th, 2014 Nutcracker Sweets will celebrate its 33rd year - Friday and Saturday!  This show is a fund raising effort by the Women's Guild with 25% of the profits going to a charitable cause and the remaining funds being distributed within the church through our now famous "Wish List" (icing on the cake as it were).

The idea of having a juried arts and crafts show in the Church in Aurora was spearheaded by our own Toni Harris, its first chairperson. 

We have been able to donate about $3000 - $5000 each year to such worthy organizations as Safer Futures, Habitat for Humanity, Miller Community House, HESS, Freedom House and others over $100,000 in total.  The balance of our Nutcracker proceeds, over $300,000 has been allocated to various Church committtees.. 

Through these years over $300,000 has been allocated to various committees - thus fulfilling all or part of the submitted "wishes".  The monies have purchased a church van, a video projector, organ repair, tables and carts to hold them, drapes for fellowship hall, office computers, pew cushions, front lawn installation, kitchen refurbishment, powder room refurbishment, library books, computer programs, Christian Ed programs, Promiseland programs, carpeting many times over, communion plates, workcamp-----and the list goes on.  You can see how each of us benefits in one way or another from the monies raised through this project--truly an effort by the entire body of the church.

No Strollers!  No Pets!

Not wheelchair accessible!  Sorry!  

Our sanctuary is wheelchair accessible

but it is not in use during this activity.


Free Parking

Free Re-Admission  (same day or next day)

Delicious Homecooked Meals & Delectable Desserts

Admission $5             12 & under Free

Children must be accompanied by an adult

No Wheelchairs, Strollers or Pets

33rd Annual Nutcracker Sweets Its time for everyone to sign up and volunteer for the annual Nutcracker Sweets Craft Show.  This year the show will be two days, Friday, Oct. 17th from 10:00 8:00 and Saturday, Oct. 18th from 10:00 - 4:00

Our Nutcracker Sweets Show is a great opportunity for Church fellowship and service.  In mid October, Nutcracker personnel will be in the Great Hall after each church service with the sign-up sheets so be sure to sign up to help!! ... The entire church benefits from the proceeds.

Volunteers are needed to help with "tear down" (clearing out Church spaces to make room for the Crafters)  Weds. afternoon, Oct. 15th, 10 AM - 5 PM, Thursday Oct. 16th, 3 - 9 PM to help the Crafters arriving, and then again on Saturday Oct. 18th, at 4 PM when the Crafters leave and we restore our church to normalcy in time for our Sunday worship services.

Don't be shy....we need everyone's help and we are quite sure you will have lots of fun in the process because giving of your time is always rewarding.  Help is needed in many areas, baking pies and cakes, working in the kitchen, serving meals to the crafters, taking money at the gate, and selling raffle tickets.

Plan to do some of your Christmas shopping at the show!  For more information call Muriel or Peter French at (330) 562-3352.

Crafters: for more Information please click on appropriate info to right.  Application Details Rules and Regulations
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